The power of your wardrobe
Whether you are looking to boost your income, be more sustainable or update your style, we’ll make reselling your wardrobe a breeze.
Unlock: Value
Did you know £2,500 is the average value of a woman’s wardrobe in the UK?

And with the majority of women claiming they never even wear 1/4 of their wardrobe — chances are you have hundreds of pounds locked up in unworn clothes.

It’s time to UNLOCK the full potential of your wardrobe.

Laura Klein,
Digital Director
“I didn’t realise how much value my wardrobe held. The pieces I don’t wear, it’s literally just money hanging there”
Why Ida?

Reselling shouldn’t be a strain. We support you every step of the way.

We help you turn your unworn clothing into cash.

Save time by letting us do the work for you.