AT COLLLABORY WE BELIEVE IN A SUSTAINABLE FASHION FUTURE. Our mission is to change the way we consume clothes by inspiring consumers to think second hand first. Through our curation of high quality mid-market products we aspire to provide our customers with a stylish and user friendly place to shop. We want to create an inspiring shopping experience that blurs the line between buying new and pre-owned.

MOST WARDROBES TODAY ARE FILLED WITH CLOTHES THAT RARELY GET USED. In fact, a recent study of households in over 20 countries showed that people do not wear at least 50% of their wardrobes. That’s a lot of unworn stuff. We want to help unlock the value of all those things and give wardrobes everywhere a second life. Because we believe that high-quality fashion should stay in circulation longer. That’s a great look not only on us but also on our planet. Extending the lifetime of our clothes is a really effective way to fight fashion waste as it displaces the need for new clothing production. Buying one pre-owned item reduces its CO2 impact by as much as 80%. 

RESALE MOVES US ONE STEP CLOSER TO A SUSTAINABLE FASHION FUTURE. Let’s get moving and replace the need for new.